Getting genuine followers, creating strategies to produce viral content, and interacting with fans are all things that our contributors need to learn to increase traffic on our blog.

These are the same reasons why we are looking for bloggers that would fit the profile for a great social media manager. We are looking to hire freelance bloggers to manage our social media accounts and contribute to writing articles. It’s a fun way to earn income on the side.

In this role you might:

• Create a social media game plan for the company
• Write customized content for social media
• Pull out the best quotes from each post to use as a Tweet or in a graphic
• Interact with our followers
• Test new strategies to build a following
• Create short video-based content for social sharing
• Help us pinpoint the ideal reader and tailor content for that person
• Curate engaging content to share from our account
• Oversee paid social advertising campaigns

You can be a general social media manager and offer a variety of services. Or you can specialize in areas you really enjoy and are great at.

For instance, if you know your way around Facebook ads, and can create campaigns that get results, you can become a highly-paid specialist. But even being able to manage advertising campaigns — even if you aren’t setting them up — is a valuable skill.

Apply now! Send us resumes: