This website’s journey started when I, a not-so-popular college boy, decided to change the course of my sex life. I was not confident in all aspects of my life, and it definitely affected how I connect with other people. Despite being invited to several parties, my anxiety was always taking over me. It’s the anxiety that rooted in thinking that I may not be able to sexually satisfy women as much as I want to. Every chance that I got, I seemed to ruin it, until I decided to take action.

I may not be as popular and good looking as other kids in college, but I was pretty confident with my academics. Researching information is one of my skills, and I put it to good use. I started reading more about female anatomy, journals from different sex therapists, and before I knew it, my confidence has improved a lot. However, these were all theories until I tried them with a woman. Luckily, my friends and I got invited to a sorority party. It was a wild one. When the clock hit midnight, almost everyone was all over each other. I approached a woman who was enjoying herself with a glass of whiskey and started talking about how amazing human anatomy is. LOL. I thought I was going to blow it up, but it actually worked. Let’s just say all my hard work paid off, and she said that she never knew that her body was capable of feeling that much pleasure, thanks to me.

This blog was a repository of my discoveries, learnings, and daily encounter. I initially planned to keep it private, but I thought that I could really help a lot of people who had the have issue, so I decided to open it to the public. Today, this website now caters to both men and women. We have a team of writers and researchers who constantly look for the best way to experience sex beyond what it is today. It was a long way before we got here, and we have evolved into something much better, and I am proud of what we have become.