“It’s urine!”

“It’s not urine!”

*Science papers being thrown at one another*

Okay. Enough is enough. Someone is going to get a paper cut on their gentiles.

Even though I’ve already written a full how-to guide on squirting, it’s worth this extra aside to address the specific details about this phenomenon – and relieve a considerable amount of confusion surrounding female ejaculation.

So here we go…


First, there haven’t been enough proper studies (and porn doesn’t count) for people to agree on what it is.

There have been a few legitimate attempts, but most of the data is based on subjective questionnaires – which do f-all.


The data that HAS been accumulated tells us this:

There is more than one fluid and more than one place it comes from.

  • EJACULATION = comes out of the urethra but comes from the Skene glands surrounding it (aka. the female prostate). It’s whitish and comes in small amounts.
  • SQUIRTING = comes from the bladder and has similarities to urine (but really isn’t) … more of a very diluted, altered version. However, it also exists in the urethra as well. So…
  • GUSHING= clear fluid that comes from the bladder.

Therefore, things can come from the bladder but still be classified as something other than urine.

“But how can more than one fluid come from the same place?!”


People seem to forget how complex the human body is. We have glands and other lumps that produce dozens of hormones and other chemicals.

So, in essence, we have two fluids (ejaculation and whatever squirting is) the squirting seems to exist somewhere in the middle.

And how about this

  • Urine can contain traces of ejaculation fluid but in smaller amounts
  • Female secretions can contain traces of urine but in smaller amounts

None of this should be surprising since it all comes from the same closely-knit area.

And you know what?

None of it matters.

If you like it, go ahead and roll around it in.

If you don’t, then you’re not obligated to love it (but if you’re girl happens to be one of the few that can do it easily, and you’re not a fan, don’t make her feel like crap about it.)

What matters most is a positive sex experience between partners.


Some women orgasm and squirt at the same time. Some women gush without having the big-O. Pelvic muscle strength plays an important role in this. Try using yoni eggs without being awkward and it will really improve your orgasm.

The only thing I would pat myself on the back for is some serious g-spot work and a happy woman afterward.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What are your feelings on FE? Sexual euphoria or overrated goal?

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