A urethral sound does not refer to “audio” as we assume by the commonplace usage of the word “sound”. Interestingly, in this case, “sound” denotes cylindrical probe which is used for creating sensual sensations in the urethra. Urethral sounding is mostly common with men and it’s an awesome way to attain the best of orgasm. It’s not your usual killer dildo because it’s much more extreme than that.

Urethral sound for urethral play

Urethral play involves insertion of a sound/probe into meatus of penis to arouse sexual stimulation. In most of the cases, sounds are inserted just halfway into glans so that they can be retrieved easily. Psychologically, it’s a whole new experience for men as they are conditioned to penetrate and getting penetrated. But almost every man, who has ever tried urethral sounding, has only shared amazing feedbacks.

Types of urethral sounds

There are various kinds of urethral sounds. Let’s check out the most popular ones here:

Hegar sound

Hegar sounds refer to “S” shaped probes. These are dual-ended probes with varying diameters at either end. Thanks to their anatomical shape, Hegar sounds are very convenient for insertion & use. I8n fact, if you are an amateur or a beginner, you must start with Hegar sounds only.

You will often find these probes in sets of 4 to 6 numbers which come in varying sizes. You will be glad to know these sounds are usually very affordable and hence perfect for beginners.

Van Buren sound

This one is mostly for seasoned users. The Van Buren sounds are identified by their hallmark “J” pattern and these are slightly longer in size compared to other sounds. All the Van Buren sounds are curved down at the end for easy reach to the bladder. If you are looking for a sound for excellent bladder & prostate stimulation, then this is the sound for you. It’s to note here, you should only use this sound when your penis is  in a tender state. Thus, if you are aroused with a Van Buren sound inside the penis, do not remove the toy immediately. Wait till the erection has subsided.

Rosebud sound

A Rosebud sound comes with a thin long rod that concludes with bulbous end. This bullet tip is strategically designed to ensure a powerful stimulation of urethra.

One of the best bits about rosebud sounds is that these probes can be enjoyed by both men & women alike. These sounds are a breeze to insert & use which makes them really comfortable especially for the newbies in urethral play. You can even insert them when the penis is firm & erect. You will find these urethral sounds in varying sizes so that you can choose a one as per your desired level of sensation.

Dittle sound

These are somewhat similar to Rosebud probes and come with straight thin rods that finish into a unique end. The Dittle sounds are mostly characterized by rounded ends and flat ends- unlike the bullet-shaped end of Rosebud sounds. The great thing about these sounds is that they can be used easily by both newbies and seasoned users.

Pratt sound

Pratt sounds can be defined as double-ended probes with well-defined curved ends. Akin to Hegar sounds, these sounds too come with varying sizes at each end. Thus, with Pratt sound, one can enjoy two varying sensations.

It’s to stress here, Pratt sounds are mostly longer in size compared to other sounds. Some of them are as long as 1foot. The increased length and defined curved at the end make the sound perfect for deeper insertion inside penis for deeper bladder and urethral stimulation. Both men & women can use Pratt sounds.

Best benefits of urethral sound

Great stimulation and improved pleasure

Urethral sounds are an amazing way to enjoy awesome stimulation and arousal. The urethra is surrounded by extremely sensitive nerves. As urethral sounds work to massage those nerves, you end up being amazingly stimulated. In fact, if you are bored with the same mundane routine of masturbation- urethral sounding will be the best to enjoy stimulation in a whole new way.

More powerful orgasms

If you are looking for newer ways to attain stronger orgasms, urethral sounds are your key. When you insert a toy into urethra, you experience longer-lasting and stronger orgasms. A great way to attain powerful orgasms through a sound is via in & out sounding.  In this case, you will simply have to move the urethral sound up & down the urethra. The particular movement will work to massage your urethral walls and make them more sensitive. As you will approach orgasm, you will feel a much stronger sensation as your urethra will be extra sensitive by then.

Better prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation is mostly done through a prostate stimulator inserted through anus. But a lot of people don’t know that prostate can be reached in a better way via urethra. And this is where a urethral sound is the thing you will need for an awesome prostate stimulation. When you are a first time user, it’s better to start off with a thin and small sound. It’s because, the sound is something foreign to your urethra and it’s not ready for the probe. Thus, start small and let the urethra get acquainted with the foreign object. Once it gets accustomed to it, you can graduate to larger sizes. You should also make sure to use plenty of lubes both on the sound and your penis to ensure a smoother, safer and more convenient insertion.

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