You may not have heard of such an interesting product… a urethral sound can look intimidating but it is a lot of fun. However there are ten steps for your satisfaction with these toys. These ten steps are: Buying a penis plug, penis stick or dilator: checking for human error: Creating a hygienic environment; sterilization of the article and your body; to pee; lubricant; relax; insert the penis plug, pleasure with your penis plug; what to do after use; how to store.

  1. Buy a penis and lubricant

Penis plug: it is important to buy a penis plug that matches your experience. Spend some money on a penis plug that you feel good to use. It is nice to purchase a quality product. Also buy a sterile lubricant.

2. Checking for human error

Most penis plugs are handmade, and mistakes are made when working. That is why you should always check your penis plug for any weights that have been made in the production process. If you check the penis plug make sure it feels completely smooth. Feel with your fingers whether all surfaces are smooth. If you feel something crazy or doubt, do not use it.

If the size in the metal is punched, make sure that this is also completely smooth; you can also polish a bit yourself. If you do not carry out this check, do this every time you may have been careless yourself when storing your toy. Then this can make the difference between a lot of fun or a visit to the hospital.

3. Provide a hygienic environment: a sterile penis plug and a clean body

The penis plug must be cleaned before and after use. Make sure it is as sterile as possible because of the danger of cystitis or inflammation on the urethra.

4. Cleaning the penis plug

Wash your plug in water with soap or if you want to take a bit more time, clean it with pure (medical) alcohol. If you do not have these use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. If you are cleaning clean hands or wear surgical gloves.

5. Sterilize in boiling water.

If the penis plug is made of stainless steel, you can sterilize it in boiling water. If the penis plug comes into contact with something, whether it is your hands or a piece of dust, bacteria will be transferred. If you sterilize the penis plug with boiling water, make sure it has cooled down before you use it.

6. Clean your hands or wear latex gloves.

Make sure your hands are clean before you start to play plasma games. You can cut and file your nails and clean your hands so that they are clean. Of course you can also wear latex gloves if you want.

7. Provide a clean penis.

Make sure your penis is clean; take a nice shower before you get started.

8. Clean surfaces.

For a clean surface to put your toys on, you can buy sterile cloths at the drugstore or pharmacy.

9. Pee

If you use penis plugs, penis sticks or dilators, micro-cracks may develop which can lead to infection. Peeing before and after use helps to prevent infections.

10. Lubricant

There is always the risk of irritation or small cracks in the urethra even if you use the toys 100% correctly. This inconvenience and pains can occur. If you feel something that looks like an infection, go to the doctor. This will tell you something about antibiotics.

Why lubricant?

Because the urethra does not slip of itself, the use of lubricant is a must. If you do not use enough lubricant, the friction will cause damage. Lubricant will help to create a layer between your toy and the urethra which makes sliding easier. The urethra will absorb a bit, so be generous with the use of lubricant. Apply to your toy and the tip of your penis.

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Lubricant not to use:

  • Oil-based lubricant
  • Do not use an oil-based lubricant. These are difficult to clean and can lead to clogging in the urethra.
  • Lubricant based on glycerin: Glycerin contains sugar, sugar can cause infections.
  • Anesthetic lubricant: Just do not do this; this will make you feel nothing. You always have to feel what is happening.

Lubricant that you can use:

  • Water-based lubricant, without smell or taste

Is urethral sounding painful? Provide a relaxed atmosphere, that you are not disturbed, put some music on or do something that makes you feel the atmosphere relaxed. All this will help you to forget the pain and feel the sensation inside.

Inserting the penis plug

Do not use a penis plug if you are using medications that make you drowsy or numb. To easily insert the plug, insert it when the penis is limp and not stiff. Always do it slowly and carefully. Place the part that you are going to bring into the opening of the penis. Place the beginning in the opening of your penis; sometimes this is very easy due to gravity. Make sure that the penis stays in place and holds it with one hand. You will have to hold the penis until it is completely stiff.

Do not force the penis plug into the urethra. If you experience some resistance, stop until the urethra relaxes and carefully apply it further. Especially if you are a beginner or are doing it for the first time you will have to learn what works for you. If you do not relax, you will never succeed. Sometimes there is resistance or thickening in the penis sometimes by scar tissue if this is the case then stop immediately.

Do not pull the penis plug out of the urethra. If you pull it out too quickly with not enough lubricant then the chance of a small tear in the urethra is great. If you notice that the urethra continues to hold the penis plug or dilator, wait until the penis has become soft. This is also one of the reasons why you always have to use enough lubricant.

You will have to watch for certain signals when you insert or masturbate the penis plug. You will have to pay attention to this in case you have damaged the urethra or have contracted an infection. If you notice or see 1 of the following signs stop immediately and contact your doctor. These signals are bleeding, pain and fever.

The Pleasure

If the penis plug is inserted, you may feel a little pain. But hopefully you also start to experience the feeling of excitement. The sensations that you experience can feel abnormal, very intense; take the time to get used to this. You will feel the sensation everywhere in your penis. After a while you notice that the urethra is widening a little. Your penis will grow and maybe you have the desire to masturbate. This will only happen if you are relaxed.

Masturbation and urethra games or sounding are skills that need time to develop. The more time you invest in this, the more it will help to have a pleasant experience. You will learn what feels right for you. With time, your urethra will get used to the feeling of a penis plug or dilator. It is up to you whether you play with your cock while you have the plug in, or whether you let it go in and out.

You can get the penis plug in and out, as it were, to screw your urethra. You can do this by, for example, slowly inserting a ribbed penis stick in and out of the urethra. The ridges will stimulate the nerves. If you do this do not use too much force, gravity will do its job. If you play in this way, never take the whole penis stick out of your penis. Make sure there is enough glide on it, just add something if you think it is necessary. For example, you can tap gently on the penis plug. The more experience you have with penis plugs, the more you want to experience the feeling again and how hornier it gets. Maybe you will try vibrating penis plugs.

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