It is not easy for us, modern women, to include in our daily schedule an intimate gym session. The use of String Ben Wa balls makes it possible to tone the perineum and to devote time in parallel for other activities. This is for you a simple, enjoyable, fun and effective way to tone the perineum without getting bored.

Ben Wa balls, indispensable object for women

The Ben Wa balls, reserved for women, are used to tone the perineum and to increase the vaginal sensitivity thanks to the bearings of the internal ball.  Toning the perineum helps fight against urinary incontinence, vaginal farts, but also to feel more sexual pleasure.

Ben Wa balls develop our erotic potential. We become aware of this intimate part and we can feel diffuse and subtle pleasure. By wearing them, you tone the perineum and increase the sensation of vaginal pleasure. Do you think you are only clitoral? It’s wrong! Tonify your perineum, and discover the vaginal pleasure so much sought after!

The use of Ben wa balls is either active, carrying them in addition to another practice toning the perineum, such as the exercises proposed in the Challenge ; be passive, carrying them while vacant to his occupations but standing!.

How do Ben Wa Balls enhance sexual pleasure?

Thanks to the reflex contractions of the perineum to keep them in the vagina, the Ben Wa balls stimulate the clitoral roots. The circuits of pleasure are thus awake. Stimulating this intimate area helps to increase blood flow and thus have a better natural lubrication.

Depending on the movements of the pelvis, the internal ball rolling provides diffuse pleasure, subtle and better vaginal sensitivity thanks to the diffuse vibrations that help develop the circuits of pleasure.

Perinea orgasm sexuality

A tonic perineum helps the walls of the vagina to grip more tightly the penis, and thus to feel more pleasure during a penetration. The more contact there is, the more pleasure! So you are on the right track to a vaginal orgasm and much more intense sensations by stimulating the clitoris.

For example, the beginnings of a penetration are often very pleasant. The vagina is toned and surrounds the penis well. Since it lacks tone and endurance, the sensations diminish and the vagina relaxes.

The best balls of Ben Wa, top 3!

There are many choices in store and little explanation on their effectiveness. Which one to choose? Sexologists propose some effective Ben Wa balls to tone the perineum and in agreement with the vaginal mucous membranes.

How to use the Ben Wa balls?

First, for a question of hygiene, it is necessary to clean the balls of Ben Wa because they will be in contact with the vaginal mucous membranes. Water with soap or an antibacterial cleaning spray can be used.

For comfort, it is best if the bladder is empty. In order to insert the Ben Wa balls into the vagina without forcing if there is no natural hydration, you can use a water-based lubricant and help yourself with your finger to make it easier to put square. The extraction cord must be outside. In order to remove the Ben Wa balls, you must relax and pull the pull cord and clean them.

Which Ben Wa balls to choose?

You will choose your Ben Wa balls according to your desires among the 3 that I advise you. They are tested and approved! You can visit loveballs to see a large variety of ready to order ben wa balls.

How long do you wear Ben Wa balls?

It is recommended to wear them from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Expert advises you to listen to your body. Only you know your muscular abilities. Dear readers, do not hesitate to use Ben Wa balls, it’s good for your body, your pleasure and your perineum!

For some women, the path to enjoyment is long, winding and paved with obstacles. Sometimes, just a little help to discover new intimate sensations! Ben Wa balls help to feel more pleasure by stimulation of the vagina and to awaken the circuits of pleasure.

Whether for your personal pleasure or to rehabilitate your perineum after the birth of your child, Ben Wa balls are both a favorite sex toy and an accessory often used by moms after giving birth.

Ben Wa balls: what is it?

Simple and effective, Ben Wa balls are simply balls connected by a string that simply enter the vagina. Generally made of soft silicone, the size and weight of both spheres can vary depending on your desires and your ability to accommodate them. There are nowadays many models available on the internet or in stores. You will be able to choose the color, the shape, although it is always the same, if you want the balls have any effect and it is also possible to find connected Ben Wa balls that will allow you to follow your evolution and give you exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises. A plus that can be very appreciated by moms wanting to find some tonicity in their perineum.

Some more ways you can strengthen your pelvic floor are provided by this The Guardian article.

For what and for what purpose

Ben Wa balls have two main functions for a woman: a pleasant and stimulating side that can be a single game or a couple and a “medical” goal for new moms who need to rehabilitate their perineum after giving birth.

Indeed, after the birth of a child the muscles of a woman’s vagina are relaxed and have lost strength and tone, the use of Ben Wa balls, 10 to 30 minutes a day, it will be possible to re-muster and improve the sensitivity of the vaginal muscles, which have been a little rough during delivery.

How to choose Ben Wa balls?

The choice of your future Ben Wa balls will usually be according to your desires and especially the capacity of your vagina to accommodate both balls. There are many models, different diameters to discover depending on your anatomy. You will also be able to choose your balls according to their weight. Some models will be heavier than others or even modular models to progress in the rehabilitation of your perineum. The most important thing is to choose the right balls, depending on your activities and the objective you are looking for. It is advisable to choose an easily washable model and medical grade latex.

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